Kashmir (India)

Project Description

Construction of a railbridge with the crosshead aereal crane Skytruck 400 SEIK

• Cableway: length 915 m, height above the river “Chenab” 450 m
• ropes: 16 anchor ropes with a diameter of 58mm, 8 support cables of 54mm, 4 tension cables of 30mm
• Crosshead aerial crane / Skytruck: each 440 kW, weight 50 tons
• Stroke up to 180 m, cross-wheeled length up to 40 m, load 20 tons each,
• balance beam for parallel operation: 5 tons weight, height 8m, 45m length, hook for 40 t,
• 2 columns “V” with an altitude between 100 and 120m and a width of 50m, 1200 tons of steel,
• Bridge: Height 350m, 1320m length, 25,000 tons of steel, 42,600 m3 of concrete.


40T (20T per crane)