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Where small loads (up to about 400 kg) must be carried over rough terrain and a fixed installation is not worth it, this newly designed electric cable crane becomes the best alternative. The idea is of a cable crane system where the battery power supply and control has gone through the cable; the mobile cable car can therefore be developed with a very simple and light trolley and at reduced costs. It is an electric winch used as a traction unit that adjusts the trolley on the support cable on the gravitational principle by means of a special rope. The trolley is equipped with an electric motor for lifting and lowering the movement of the load hook. The electric motor is powered by the batteries integrated in the trolley. The batteries are recharged via an electronic charger. This charger is powered by the power cable integrated in the cable. The cable car is controlled by a radio remote control, whose receiver is mounted on the cable winch and also controls the truck via the control cable. also integrated in the rope.