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Material ropeways

Seik has been established in 1991 as company specialised in mechanical engineering and production. SEIK is also specialised in planning and production of material ropeways, i.e. freight transportation systems on cables.

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Material ropeways for engineering

SEIK LTD is your professional partner when it’s about fix ropeway systems for (almost) any type of terrain. Our current offer includes flexible rails featuring open boxes as well as personalized installations for the transport of special loads and heavyweights.


Material ropeways for forestry

SEIK systems are particularly suitable to be applied on different grounds, for transports over marshland areas, the controlled tree felling as well as any time you need to transport something over cultivated meadow areas.



What the Seik can offer you today

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Customer service

A well-organised customer service is a top priority at Seik.


Our assembly team is available for helping customers in assembling telpherages if requested.


Projects are designed and fully implemented by our project team from the analysis of…


Taut-line cableways, motor-bogies, winches, pylons and above all complete temporary telpherages…

Electrical engineering

SEIK GmbH has an in-house electrical engineering and electronics department, which is responsible for the continuous improvement…
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A - Weißbach bei Lofer

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A - Weißbach bei Lofer

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JAKOB AG - Manufacturer of HABEGGER

Since the beginning of 2018, we have also been your official DISTRIBUTOR and SERVICE OFFICE for Habegger products.

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