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Seik has been established in 1991 as company specialised in mechanical engineering and production. SEIK is also specialised in planning and production of material ropeways, i.e. freight transportation systems on cables.

Wherever conventional cranes fail, there is only one option:

Seik cable crane systems.

We design solutions for any type of conventional or especially problematic construction sites where conventional cranes cannot be used. Our system can cope with extreme slopes, narrow ravines, cable lengths of several kilometres and operational areas of over 100.000 square metres.

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Protective clothing for a wide variety of applications, but also fall protection, radio equipment, forestry tools and innovative Seiltechnik.SEIK GmbH offers you a wide range of high-quality equipment, where safety and comfort are guaranteed each werden.Um own employees in the field also 100% To ensure protection and safety, the choice of the most suitable protective clothing and the right accessories is of great importance. A competent contact person and great expertise are crucial. In all our departments we have high quality protective clothing and accessories. Let our employees advise you. SEIK GmbH also offers you the right solution for complex tasks.


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