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Application ranges

Pipeline construction

Optimal quality management, many years of competence and the highest demands on machinery and technology also ensure the best conditions for a smooth work process in the field of pipeline construction. Especially in pipeline construction, larger machines often turn out to be unsuitable. With Seik’s cable crane systems, however, you have the opportunity to choose more direct routes, and thus achieve great cost savings. The transport of the various components, pipelines and construction materials for the construction of pipelines is reliable, efficient and above all in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mountain constructions

Steep terrain, mountains, as well as tunnels, marble quarries, high-level excavations but also alpine huts or shelters often represent unsolvable transport challenges for many. Not for Seik.Dank the perfect interaction of special Seilkranalagen and the necessary know-how, we are indeed able Efficient handling of even the most difficult transport tasks.Seik is also at your side in the area of mountain construction sites with optimal solutions. Seik cable cars and rope cranes not only offer safety and quick installation but are also independent of the weather and, compared to conventional means of transport, are also extremely environmentally friendly and low-noise.

Pipe linings

In this area, too, Sei has many years of experience, competence and specially developed crane systems. The laying, moving or transporting of pipes or penstocks is thus easily handled. In addition, Seik solutions offer 100% security and time savings.

Bridge construction

Bridge construction, road construction, dam construction but also tunnels or tunnels.Seik cranes and cableway systems are also increasingly used in these areas and in the realization of infrastructures. Seik develops wherever it is necessary to transport materials and precast elements with the utmost precision and care the best solutions with specially designed cable crane systems.High-performance devices that comply with the latest technologies and meet the latest safety standards.


Even the most difficult transport tasks can be easily handled with innovative solutions from Seik. Thanks to innovative crane systems or cable cars, we are able to handle even rough terrain such as rough terrain. a swamp area in an efficient, reliable and always timely manner various components, building materials and the like. to transport.