Lux 1800


The traction rope winch has an automatic winding system, which saves a worker near the winch. It is mounted on the back of the platform and can rotate 60 ° on each side. The traction rope steel with a diameter of 12mm and length of 2500m has a max speed of 10m/s and a max traction of 5000kg.

The command is via a remote control with the following specifics:

  • Adjustable linear traction rate;
  • Automatic movement both upstream to downstream through the appropriate keys, including 10 support positions set at will, with adjustment of the speed;
  • You see the position of the carriage on the transmitter;
  • Points of beginning and end set.

The auxiliary winch with synthetic rope to 3000m in length can travel with a maximum speed of 5m/s and can have traction up to 1500kg. In the operation manual the winch give only to the rope needed, to maintain the rope always orderly and ensure a smooth winding. In closed loop operation, the force of traction of this winch is adjusted through the mooring system. The winch can rotate 90 degrees in either direction.

The tension winch, equipped with a steel rope diameter of 12mm and a length of 300m, has a max traction force of 2500kg and is very useful to tighten the skyline rope.

On the skyline rope winch can be wrapped up to 1800m of rope with a diameter of 24mm. This winch has a force of traction up to 2000kg and can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction.

This group of winches can be used with all kinds of line (downstream, upstream and flat), and reaches its maximum power coupled with the carriage SEIK SFM 20/40 or SFM 30/60.
With long trees or territories extreme is advisable to integrate the carriage with the auxiliary carriage NL20/40, equipped with the second hoisting winch