Mining equipment



Description Attachment: 2 winches with electric drive to operate the cable and carrying cable of a cable car system. Technical data under tugsFunctionally, both winches are independent of each other. However, the controls and the hydraulic system of the brakes are only available once. Each winch has 2 separate brake systems, a disc brake on the transmission input (service brake) and a disc brake directly on the drum (parking brake). The position of the cable drum is determined by means of an absolute encoder and checked by a gear limit switch with 4 switching elements. For a precise measurement of the tensile force, a measuring system with 2 load cells is available. Due to the special suspension of the winch frame, only the tensile force is transmitted to the load cells. The sum of the two measured forces gives the pulling force on the rope. The torque determined by the inverter checks this measuring system. The measured tensile force is primarily used to control the automatic cycle. When unwinding, the system is also used to leave a certain minimum pulling force on the ropes.