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Projects are designed and fully implemented by our project team from the analysis of the ground to route measuring from the actual implementation of the project to the adoption of safety measures from the development of the service plan to the final testing carried out by a civil engineer entrusted by Seik whether the machineries have been purchased or hired and even when they belong to customers.


Our assembly team is available for helping customers in assembling telpherages if requested. We can also provide full assembly in case of both permanent or temporary telpherages and of machine purchase or hiring.

Customer service

A well-organised customer service is a top priority at Seik. Besides regular controls carried out by experts and planned according to customers’ needs we guarantee full availability of expert technicians.

Furthermore our firm offers a short-period insurance coverage in case of losses for damages caused to the telpherage. This service is particularly appreciated by customers working on a strict time schedule.


Taut-line cableways, motor-bogies, winches, pylons and above all complete temporary telpherages are available for hiring.

If needed we also provide complete assembly and disassembly of the machines.

Load capacity ranges from 200 to 40.000 kg total length amounts to various kilometres. Telpherages are suitable for different grounds with an inclination exceeding 60°.

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