“Spion” – the mobile mast


Thanks to our new truck “Lux 1800” we were able to improve our telepherage’s range of action.
On the skyline rope winch can be wrapped up to 1800m of rope with a diameter of 24mm. This winch has a force of traction up to 2000kg and can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction.

According to different researches, the erection and the dismantle of an installation should occur not only in a more easily and faster way but also by employing as less workers as possible. These are actually the main market’s requests.

Seik made another step ahead by developing a mast, which is equipped, amongst other things, with a locking system and a tensioning drum. Seik realized “Spion” – a pylon erected as part of the truck.

Some advantages:
•    Suitable for every type of rope
•    Easy and fast erection
•    Excellent price-quality ratio

Technical datas:
Folded mast’s dimension: L= 6615mm; B= 2420mm; H= 2000mm.
Height: da 15 a 21m
Rope’s diameter: da Ø18mm a Ø30mm