Crosshead aerial crane

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Conventional cable crane systems have all the advantages of a disadvantage: they are limited to a more or less linear application along the rope.
This is not the case with our traverse crane, which covers an area of ​​more than 22,000 square meters, which is also huge in relation to conventional cranes.
The construction of the Olympia ski jumping facility in Pragelato shows the superiority of our truss crane. Diving tower and jump, as well as all work in the
The landing and run-off areas are realized with just one single crane, with a difference in height of more than 200 meters.
Fast transports of up to 2.5 m / sec and loads of up to 8 tonnes can be transported to any location in the vast area. This drastically reduces the construction time and of course the costs. The crane system was installed in a short time and was then fully operational. Negative climatic conditions such as fog or heavy snow play only a minor role in the construction work because the crane operator directs and monitors the transport on site. Our truss cranes can also be used for roof renovations, construction of halls / stadiums in cities and the like