Additional Carriage NL 20/40



The patented rope crane system with two lifting winches:

The NL 20/40, specially designed for forestry, can also be used in civil engineering, for example, for the transportation of long pipes. The lifting winch of the NL 20/40 is supplied with the necessary hydraulic pressure through hydraulic hoses from the SFM 20/40 or SFM 30/60. Especially, the possibility of radio-controlled winding and unwinding of the two lifting ropes, synchronously or individually and independently, along with the simultaneous movement of the carriage along the supporting rope, represents a completely new way of working.

The lifting capacity of the NL 20/40 is 2 tons in single lift and 4 tons in double lift with the optional traverse beam.


  • Requires a lower height of the supporting rope, hence fewer tall supports are needed
  • Higher carriage speed during load transportation is possible
  • Economical operation