Skytruck 100


The Skytruck 100 is the smallest of the Skytruck series.
The Skytruck 100 moves on two pairs of suspension ropes up to 80 m apart, driven by two parallel running hauling ropes and, for very flat construction sites, two return ropes. The double suspension rope system ensures stable, smooth and low-wear operation.

An electric winch is used for driving along the track. This winch is installed between the support cable foundations on a foundation provided for this purpose. The cable drum can be equipped with a separator. This electric winch, which is suitable for two traction ropes and two deflection ropes, has an output of approx. 100 kW.
The hoisting and sideshift winches are integrated in the crossbeam and are also electrically driven. Braking resistors provide additional support for the electric motors to release energy when braking or lowering the load.
The power supply of approx. 50 kW from the electric winch to the Skytruck is provided by a special festoon system.