LSW6 6T rope winch for long distance


Trailer mounted rope winch LSW6 6T for long distance!

This innovative winch with mechanical winding device is mounted on a trailer; it is driven by a 6-cylinder combustion engine. The diesel engine, diesel tank, hydraulic oil tank, and the control cabinet including radio system are integrated in the body frame. If required, the winch can be dismantled for transport by helicopter. The system is normally operated by its own radio remote control.
For an automatic operation the system can be programmed accordingly; all towers, loading and unloading stations, mountain and valley stations can be easily stored on the control panel. Thus, no additional man is needed for controlling the winch. The automatic mode can also be started via the radio remote control of the carriage.
Thus, the user of the system always has only one remote control with him. In addition, the mechanical winding support ensures proper winding on the traction rope drum.
The chassis is hydraulically adjustable, so the winch can be lowered and secured for rope operation.
Optionally, an auxiliary winch / countermove winch can be installed allowing an orbital operation. Generally used for timberlogging, for uphill and downhill logging


Brochure LSW6 ENG